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Short interviews with some of the social entrepreneurs SSE has already supported across the globe. Could you be next?

Yusra Khan, Yellow Streets working with underprivileged children and youth in Delhi

Empowering underprivileged youth with rugby and education, I've seen dreams flourish and resilient futures take shape, exemplified by Kishan's inspiring journey."

Umang Shridhar,started KhaDigi to support skilled women weavers

"Umang Shridhar, Class of 2017, leads KhaDigi, empowering women weavers with a blend of tradition and technology for sustainable rural entrepreneurship."

Reviving Traditions, Empowering Artisans: Ankesh Banjare's Journey with Coshal

"Ankesh Banjare's Coshal breathes life into Chattisgarh's Dokra art, empowering artisans like Tirnath and fostering economic resilience amid challenges."

Empowering Rural Lives: Rakesh Kumar Gupta, Class of 2016, and the Transformative Journey of Gramshree in Elevating Tribal Farmers through Sustainable Marketing Strategies

"Rakesh Kumar Gupta's Gramshree empowers 1,500 tribal families in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh through strategic marketing of minor forest produce."

Ginny's Planet: Shweta Verma's Journey towards Inclusion, Diversity, and Education in Delhi-NCR

"Ginny's Planet, led by Shweta Verma, transforms Delhi-NCR through inclusive education, using dolls and stories to shape young minds, as seen in Ridhima's inspiring journey."

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