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SSE launches in India

4 April 2016

“We are proud to be partnering with SSE India to propel the spirit of social entrepreneurship in the country through their innovative approach of focusing on the ‘entrepreneur'” – Deepak Kapoor, Chairman, PwC India

“The SSE Fellowship programme is first of its kind in India, and we hope that the social entrepreneurs will be empowered and make a positive change.” – Rob Lynes, Director, British Council India.

“SSE believes that strategic mentoring of one social entrepreneur will help create several more in the society while addressing fundamental challenges in their community.” – Jaivir Singh, Chairman – Board of Directors, SSE India

“I profusely thank all our partners PwC India, British Council India, Jagriti Yatra and take pride in standing here at the SSE India launch which would not have been possible without the support of our partners. India is an important milestone in SSE journey and we are looking forward to its success.” Alastair Wilson, CEO, SSE Central

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