APPLY NOW! Social Start-Up Fellowship Programme 2019

9 months of essential support for people with a social enterprise idea in India

We know how social entrepreneurs learn best.

Our learning programme favours action over theory: it’s dynamic, interactive & inspirational–just what a social entrepreneur like you needs to start and lead a social enterprise.

“Being on the School for Social Entrepreneurs programme was an incredible experience, I learned business skills and made friends I will have for a lifetime.”

About the Social Start-Up Programme

You’ve got an idea for a project that helps other people or the environment. How do you get it up and running? That’s where we come in. We support you as you start up a social enterprise, charity or business to solve a social problem.

The programme focuses on you, the social entrepreneur, and supporting you on a process of self-discovery & growth–enabling you to launch and effectively run a social start-up.

You come along for practical learning – no textbooks in sight! – for three to four days a month, between April and December 2019. We’ll take you through all the key steps as you turn your idea into a real organisation.

You’ll learn how to become a confident leader and make an impact. We’ll help you develop the skills you’ll need to be successful, like:

  • business skills (how to manage finances, business planning, measuring your impact & more)
  • accessing funding and winning clients
  • how to sell your idea and build support
  • learning from failure and building resilience.


Who should join the Social Start-Up Fellowship Programme?

This learning programme is for entrepreneurial people with an idea that will make a positive difference in their community and beyond.

You don’t need any educational qualifications or business experience for our Fellowship Programme, based in Delhi NCR. We embrace diversity and welcome people of all ages, backgrounds, and locations in India*.

You will need an idea for an organisation and be able to explain the positive social impact that your work will create for others. We’re looking for people with the enthusiasm, drive & commitment necessary to get their social project off the ground.

However, you will be expected to take an active part in your learning and invest time, energy, and dedication into the programme. We strongly believe that how much you put into this learning programme will impact how much your enterprise develops over the 9 months.

This programme could be right for you if:

  • You have identified a social or environmental problem and have an idea about how to tackle it
  • You want to turn your idea into a sustainable business or charity, and have thought about how it could make money
  • You like learning by doing, in a practical way
  • You enjoy getting to know people from different backgrounds
  • You can commit three to four days per month, from April to December 2019

We support local & national social enterprises and charities, as well as those with an international reach.

Meet the 2018 cohort

* Please note that we are only able to consider applications from Indian nationals and projects must be based in India


What does the Social Start-Up Fellowship Programme cover?

You’ll get approximately 27 days of learning & support, spread out over nine months. Every day is about hands-on learning from those who’ve been there and done it. We’re definitely not about taking tests or doing homework! We give you practical knowledge to turn your idea into a reality.

We’ll help you develop the skills, strengths, and networks you need through the 4 pillars of the learning programme:

  • Expert & Witness (learning) sessions
  • Action Learning Teams
  • Mentoring sessions
  • Project visits

You’ll be part of a group of around 20 people starting up projects like yours. You’ll work through problems and challenges together, and build friendships along the way. We’ll also connect you with a mentor for one-on-one support, and you’ll have the opportunities to create fulfilling connections with practitioners from a range of backgrounds and industries.

This programme is nothing short of a transformative experience. 97% of people who have been on the programme recommend our approach.



Successful applicants are required to pay nothing. Our partners have invested in you to create and run projects that will have positive social impact on the community and society.


How to apply?

Good news – there’s no long-winded application forms or entrance exams!

  1. Simply download the 2-page application form and email your completed submission to
  2. Telephone interviews will be conducted with applicants who clear the first stage of review
  3. In-person interviews will be offered to applicants who make it past the second stage; this will be an opportunity to further discuss your enterprise/project and the impact you are hoping to create.

Deadline: January 31st, 2019  FEBRUARY 9th, 2019

APPLICATION FORM DOWNLOAD: Social Start-Up Fellowship Programme 2019


Need more info?

We’d love it if you reached out to us with your questions or requests for more information. Please email us at and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.